You or a loved one may have received a diagnosis of mesothelioma, asbestosis, pleural thickening or even of lung cancer which you know or suspect may be linked to previous asbestos exposure at work.   I will be glad to discuss your prospects of recovering compensation without obligation and without charge.


I will visit you at home and act on a ‘no win no fee’ basis.

Don’t dismiss the prospect of succeeding in recovering compensation for any of the following reasons:

  • ‘I cannot recall exposure to asbestos’ – in my experience a patient and detailed discussion, with no obligation or charge, at your home can often help with recollection;
  • ‘My employer went out of business years ago’ – their insurers will be obliged to meet the claim and there are databases of who insured which companies historically.  I have many years experience of tracking down insurance companies as far back as the 1930s;
  • ‘I picked it up off my dad’s/husbands clothes’ – it depends when, but post 1965 this may well not matter.  I am glad to advise;
  • ‘My exposure to asbestos was very brief or light ‘– much depends on when the exposure was and I can advise you on that;
  • ‘I know I was exposed but I cannot remember who my employer was’ – a list of your employers names can be easily obtained quickly from HMRC and this will help you recall;

Get expert advice before you discount a claim. 


How this is worked out and how much depends on the nature of the condition you have, but in any event will be significant.

This is best discussed in person and I am very happy to discuss hard figures with you.

Welfare Benefits

For mesothelioma sufferers there are a number of schemes operated by the Government under which payment of a lump sum in compensation can be made regardless of whether or not you contracted the condition at work.

For sufferers of other asbestos related conditions as a result of work another Government scheme offers a lump sum payment.

Other weekly benefits including Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit may well fall due.

Benefits are a complex area so again ‘Get Advice’